What to Expect


What to Expect

Whether you are returning to church, just moved into town or are coming to church for the very first time, you probably have some questions before your visit to Westminster Baptist Church. Here are some common Q&A's.

What is your Sunday Worship Schedule?

Traditional Worship  is at 8:30 AM; Sunday School at 9:45 AM and Contemporary Worship at 11:00 AM.

What do I wear?

Come in modest attire from casual wear to suit and tie - we are more interested in you being here than what you wear. Our pastors generally dress "business casual" - slacks, shirt and tie.

How do I get involved in Sunday School?

One of the folks at the Welcome Center (outside the church sanctuary) will be glad to help you sort through your choices for a Sunday School class. They will see to it that you are taken to the classroom and introduced to the teacher.

Is there anything for my children?

We have Sunday options for newborns through high school seniors, including preschool and children's church designed just for the younger kids. 

What is the "Invitation" at the end of the service?

The pastor offers an invitation to all persons in worship to publicly respond to the Lord's leading. That response may be: 1.) a decision to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and to make a request for baptism at a later date. The Pastor will be glad to guide you in this decision.   2.) a decision to join into the church. For further information, see the response to the next FAQ, "How may I join the church? 3.)  a request for prayer or a desire to pray at the altar to commit yourself anew to God in some specific way 

The pastor will announce your decision to receive Jesus as Savior or to join into the church and will ask you to accompany him to the sanctuary exit so the congregation can rejoice with you in your decision as they leave the service.

How May I join the church?

You may join the church at any regular worship Service. Requirements for church membership are: 1.) Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.  2. Baptism by immersion as a believer. 3. Request for membership, either by "coming forward" at the end of the Worship service during the "invitation" or by indicating your desire at a New and Prospective Members class.

It is strongly encouraged that new members, plan to attend the next scheduled Becoming a Church Member (101 class) - A New and Prospective Membership Class, These are scheduled quarterly.